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So... why choose Artificial flowers over the real thing?

Real Flowers are lovely, they add a natural radiance and with full blooms they provide texture and colour to any space. We love the real thing but they do have their downfalls, they wither, shrivel and lose their life fairly quickly. This makes floral interior designs difficult to keep up with, so what if we told you that we can provide the look and quality of real flowers but with the convenience of everlasting life?

As I just mentioned the obvious benefactor is their shelf life, Artificial flowers will keep their life and colour all year round, keep your favourite bouquets and stems season after season. This is beneficial to busy people or people who aren't regularly at home and are unable to water, trim and look after real flowers everyday.
No longer will you have to think over placement too, with real flowers you have to be conscious of sunlight, shade and heating, but Artificial Flowers can last anywhere!  
Another wonderful benefit to artificial flowers is it means you will be always guest ready, no more lifeless flowers for unexpected visitors, instead always have a blooming array of flourishing florals ready to greet your guests.
Also not all real flowers are accessible all year round, certain species and colours aren't always available, which can be very frustrating, this is why faux flowers are so handy, choose any day of the year what kind of floral arrangements you're after. 
Artificial flowers are one of the best décor investments you could make, they're perfect for table centrepieces, bedside tables, mantels, window ledges... basically anywhere!
That's why here at Artificial Green we hand select high quality flowers just for you, with bendable stems and life like foliage. So you can get the look of radiant and healthy flowers for your homes without all the maintenance.
Browse through our stems, floral arrangements and garlands in our collections here:

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