Our artificial outdoor plants, trees, shrubs and fake hedges are made in the UK with higher grade exterior quality materials making them suitable for use outdoors. Our premium outdoor topiary range are high quality and provide a low maintenance alternative to real trees, hedges, shrubs and plants.

We have a wide choice of artificial shrubs, buxus balls, topiary trees, grass, cedar and box hedges supplied ready fitted into planters, troughs and window boxes that look simply stunning in the garden, on patios or in pairs to frame a front door.

No watering, pruning or trimming is needed with our premium outdoor faux trees range, making them perfect for those of us who want a sophisticated, elegant look and all year round greenery, without the hassle of maintaining real shrubs or hedges. Our outdoor artificial trees and shrubs are also recommended in our 'Commercial / Contract Range' meaning they are not only ideal for home exteriors, but they are also great for outside commercial premises. Our topiary trees, shrubs and hedges are made with long lasting high grade materials to withstand the elements. Our outdoor grade buxus boxwood can be supplied ready fixed in planters, so they are ready to simply put in place.