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High quality faux boxwood buxus topiary balls
Deluxe Artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls
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Deluxe Artificial Boxwood Balls - Outdoor Quality 45cm

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Large deluxe artificial boxwood topiary balls 45cm. Premium quality, made with realistic shades of green and small seeds. Our faux buxus ball shrubs can be used indoor and outdoor and look fantastic placed in tall planters and large urns, used in pairs to frame doorways and entrances. Or, use several topiary balls in planters to define areas of your garden for a well thought out, and grand, landscaped look.

These outdoor grade, large topiary balls really make an impact and are low maintenance with no watering or trimming required, making them a great alternative to real boxwood topiary. 

When choosing planters for your buxus balls, a general guideline is to have a slight overhang meaning your topiary ball needs to be a few cm bigger than the width of your planter or pot. Or if you want a smaller ball with a larger planter you could fill in the gaps with slates or pebbles.

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