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Artificial Green Wall

Artificial green wall panels for maintenance free vertical gardens and wall dividers. Our green wall panels are available in various foliages, some of which are UV resistant meaning they can be used to create outdoor vertical green walls, where others use flame retardant foliage meaning they are perfect for commercial interior spaces such as offices, hotels, bars and restaurants. They are also quick to install, supplied on a mesh which can be fixed to any surface with screws. In addition to the traditional vertical green wall, a major benefit of our green wall panels is that they can be mounted at various angles and used to provide ceiling canopies that give a unique atmosphere to areas under the foliage … for example an overhead canopy of flame retardant vines for a bar or restaurant.  Alternatively they can also be used to build screens and space-dividers in large open spaces. The possibilities with our artificial green walls are incredible.

There are various advantages to choosing artificial panels rather than real plants to create your green wall or vertical garden rather than using real plants:

  • Botanically Accurate Plants 
  • Quick Installation
  • No Watering or Re Planting
  • UV Proof / Fire retardant
  • Pest Free 

Choose from our collection of 1m x 1m or 80cm x 80cm square green wall panels, or contact us with your requirements for bespoke panels in irregular sizes or shapes.

Please contact us to request a quotation or take a look at our dedicated website for more information on our bespoke artificial green walls

 Artificial Green Wall Panels UK Artificial Green Wall Panels UK by Arti Green Ltd Artificial Green Wall Panels UK

 We can also provide a full installation service throughout the UK. 

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