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As an unintentional plant killer I had searched and searched for realistic faux plants for my home, but I soon realised there was a lack of good quality and variation available, and so I decided to set up Artificial Green with the aim of sourcing the best quality artificial trees, plants & flowers in the UK.

We have carefully curated a collection of trees and plants to brighten up homes, offices, hotels, bars and restaurants, meaning you can create a visually stunning interior landscape without the hassle of the on going maintenance that real plants require. We want our customers to be completely happy, that's why we have chosen specific manufacturers and brands who create high quality, beautifully crafted plants, flowers and pots. The quality of artificial plants has come along way in recent years, and we want to show the UK that faking it can achieve amazing results whilst providing a cost effective, long lasting solution.

Artificial Green is a trading name of Arti Green Limited. Our company registration number is 11029937 registered in England and Wales.