Artificial Green
Plants and greenery have become highly popular over the years, biophilic décor is more in than ever, connecting nature into urban spaces creates an uplifting and beautiful environment, with our artificial outdoor plants we bring accessible and hassle free nature to you.
As we all know real plants can be messy and a pain to maintain, with artificial plants they will keep their everlasting green all year without the hassle, perfect for anybody whose not always at home. And with our outdoor planters you wouldn't spot them as artificial, created with high quality foliage which is weather retardant. no more cutting down and watering, simple all year round life.
Here at Artificial Green we have a great selection of weather and UV retardant outdoor planters, perfect for terraces or outside your home. All are available to purchase online in our outdoor planter collection. We have a variety of different plants from topiary balls to spiralled topiary to palm trees, with different sizes to create the perfect outdoor setting that your after. we only choose high quality artificial hedges and topiary that are made to last.
Make your space greener and shop the look.
If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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