Choosing the Perfect Artificial Plant for Your Space

Decorating With Plants

Artificial plants offer endless possibilities when it comes to placement. They are not limited by the need for natural light and can be positioned anywhere in your home or office. Even in a low light room, from shelves and countertops to corners and hanging pots.

You can explore a variety of foliage options to suit your interior, such as broad leaves, spiky succulents, or delicate ferns. Also consider whether you want to stick with simple greenery or whether you want to add a floral element. Choose plants that align with your personal style and complement the rest of the decor in your room. For example, if your trying to create a modern bohemian look, choose a mix of tall leafy plants and spikey cactus type plants placed in a basket planter and mix with some trailing plants positioned on shelves or in hanging pots. 

Choosing the right artificial plants

If your creating a luxury inspired interior with rich colours, fabrics and textures such as marble, bespoke timber and metals, try using a stand out piece such as a large orchid in a stylish bowl planter placed on a table top or kitchen worktop. An orchid is a classic that brings a touch of luxury and serenity to a room. 

Luxury interior details with large faux orchids
Determine the available space in your room and choose artificial plants that fit harmoniously. Where floor space is limited, consider vertical options like wall planters with trailing plants and succulents.
Wall planter with succulents
Or you can opt for compact plants for smaller shelves or table tops to add a subtle hint of greenery without taking up too much space.
Embrace Textures and Colours: Artificial plants offer a wide range of textures and colours. Mix and match different textures to create depth and visual interest. Introduce pops of colour through flowers or vibrant foliage to bring life to your space.
Incorporate artificial plants alongside other decorative elements like natural-looking rocks, pebbles etc to create a more authentic display. Integrate appropriate planters and pots that match your style and add a touch of elegance to your space.

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