Artificial Ceiling Plants for a Preston Restaurant

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Achieving the perfect balance between natural interior features and low maintenance can be challenging. With growing awareness of environmental and mental health issues, businesses and organizations, especially in the hospitality industry, are seeking ways to bring more greenery to their interior space.

Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate with local interior designer, Keyhole Interiors, working on the refurbishment of a restaurant in Preston. The client's vision was to create a calming, lush green atmosphere using hanging plants to create a green ceiling feature, but maintenance constraints ruled out live plants. To stay within budget and eliminate upkeep concerns, artificial plants emerged as the ideal solution over real plants.

To ensure a seamless and authentic look, we carefully selected a range of our artificial trailing plants and added some small wildflowers, maintaining consistency in textures and colours. The result was a truly natural ambiance that matched the client's vision.

Artificial ceiling plants feature with metalwork and hanging plants

To further enhance the experience, we strategically incorporated a selection of artificial wildflowers at various stages throughout the green trailing plants. This infusion added a delightful mix of textures, colours, and forms, further elevating the overall appeal of the space.

The final outcome was an inviting and natural ambiance that delighted the clients without burdening the restaurant team with ongoing maintenance. This successful project showcases the harmonious integration of artificial greenery, offering a perfect solution for businesses seeking both aesthetic and practical benefits.

Interior design and photography by Keyhole Interiors

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