On Trend Trailing Plants

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Trailing plants are very on trend at the moment and we love the boho inspired look they help to create.

Artificial Trailing Plants for Shelves

However, not everyone is great when it comes to looking after live plants, so we have a fabulous collection of faux trailing plants to brighten up your home and office. 

Boho Interior Trailing Plants
Trailing plants are perfect when used to decorate a shelf like our Spanish Moss used in the image above in this gorgeous bedroom design by Jessica Cox Design. 

Here are some of our favourite artificial trailers to inspire. All of these plants are available to buy online.

1. Trailing Philodendron Scandens

2. Trailing Rhipsalis Vine

3. Faux Trailing Hoya Vine

4. Artificial Trailing Pumila 

4. Large Trailng Eucalyptus


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