On Trend Artificial House Plants 2018

Decorating With Plants Tropical Plants

The botanical trend is still going strong, but if your an accidental plant killer, fear not. We've got some gorgeous faux house plants to brighten up your interior in 2018. From tropical banana trees and bird of paradise plants to Japanese bamboo, trailing plants and the plant of the moment, the Pilea, otherwise known as the Chinese money plant. 

On trend artificial house plants

By using faux plants in your home or workplace, you don’t necessarily need to choose a species that would usually thrive in your climate, meaning you can go for whichever statement plant you like to add impact to a room. For example, tropical plants and trees such as banana palms look incredible but are difficult to maintain in a UK climate so faux is the perfect option. 

Take a look at our full collection of fab faux plants here: https://www.artificialgreen.co.uk/collections/artificial-plants


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