New Realistic Faux Flower Arrangements

Faux Flowers

New faux flower arrangements have been added to our collection. Carefully selected for their realistic appearance, composition and stylish vases, these arrangements are beautifully true to life and will last for years saving you to cost of constantly replacing fresh flowers. 

Faux flower arrangement in blue vase with white flowers and greenery

Our artificial floral arrangements are pre made with highly realistic faux flowers and greenery stems by trained florists so all you have to do is simply un pack and put them in place to brighten up your room. 

Realistic Faux Flower Arrangements with greenery stems

From country chic window ledge vases to large show stopping table centrepieces, from delicate blooms in whites with greenery, to deep reds and glamorous vibrant pinks, we've got an arrangement to suit any room. 

Realistic Artificial Flower Arrangements

Take a look at the full collection here: Faux Flower Arrangements

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