Can Artificial Plants Be Used Outside?

Can artificial plants be used outside? The answer is yes, however we would only recommend using UV resistant plants that have been made specifically for outdoor use. 

When it comes to placing artificial plants outdoors, the most common issue faced is that, if not made with a UV treatment, the colour will fade and the leaves will turn blue over a few months or so. That's why we suggest only using UV proof plants in your garden, on your balcony or outside your business premises. 

UV resistant faux plants are made with synthetic materials such as plastic and polythene rather than silks and fabrics. Whilst you may see fantastic outdoor faux flower displays around shop doorways and restaurants, they are not made to last unfortunately. If you want any longevity from your artificial plants, UV resistant is the only way to go. 

From boxwood balls and leafy ferns to topiary trees and green wall panels, here at Artificial Green we have a full collection of UV resistant plants made with colourfast leaves and foliages that will continue to look vibrant and green for years, no matter what the weather. 

Take a look at our full collection of outdoor plants here:

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