Some Of The Best Faux Plants 2017

If you love lots of greenery in your home, but like me you are an unintentional plant killer, then decorating with faux plants is the answer. The whole reason I started this business was because, basically, I'm utterly rubbish at keeping real plants alive. I was looking for a selection of faux plants to use at home and couldn't find the types I really wanted. I wanted an Aloe and had my heart set of a fiddle leaf fig tree which I kept seeing all over Pinterest and Houzz, but all I found was naff plastic looking horrible things that looked like they had come straight out of the 1980's, so I've carefully selected a range of stylish plants that are perfect for design conscious plant killers like me, and I'm sure you'll love them too. Here are just a few of my top fabulous faux's.

The best faux plants UK

You won't need to remember to water them and you won't have the hassle of pruning or re potting them, but it's a good idea now and again to wipe the leaves to keep dust off to keep them looking fab. 

From the top: Faux Aloe Plant, Potted Pandanus, Boston Fern, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Raphis Palm Tree, Artificial Bamboo, Faux Banana Tree, Areca Palm, Calathea Plant.

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