Faux Rose & Hydrangea light pink faux flower arrangement - Artificial Green
Faux Rose & Hydrangea Mix hot pink - Artificial Green
Artificial Green

Faux Rose & Hydrangea Mix

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Faux Rose & Hydrangea Mix

Classic arrangement of roses and hydrangeas in a curved glass vase standing at 20cm tall, with two options available of light pink or a bright pink.

Place on tables, window ledges and mantels for a vibrant summery look, all our flowers are chosen for their closeness to realism so these flowers are hard to spot as fake. keep year after year simply by dusting them every so often for your florals to stay fresh and full of life.

For indoor use.

  • 20cm Height
  • Light Pink or Bright Pink Options
  • Artificial
  • Curved Glass Vase Included
  • True To Life
  • Indoor Use

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