Lets talk about styling plants to compliment our interiors, greenery and nature can really transform a room, its easy to add a couple small pots around your home...but do you have that one plant that just trumps all others?...the statement piece...everybody needs one...bigger, bolder and more elegant than the rest.

Statement plants are perfect for Living rooms and hallways, they catch our attention, striking and bold. Larger plants truly bring the connection between the outside and indoors together, once we have our statement piece we are then able to place smaller plants around the room, this really connects nature and the outdoors all in one space.

Choosing our statement plant is important as it sets the tone of our space, It could be a bird of paradise plant, a large Monstera or a larger tree such as a Ficus.


Ficus Natasja Tree 150cm – Artificial Green

This Artificial Ficus Natasja tree compliments a variety of interiors without overpowering them, with slender lifelike trunks and thick luscious foliage on top, making this tree fit amazingly into corners.



Faux Monstera on Pole 156cm – Artificial Green

If you are looking for a more tropical feel to your home, this Artificial Monstera plant is perfect, standing at 156cm, with large deep green leaves which are unbelievably true to life. Monstera's are so popular and we can see why. 


Palm trees are another amazing way to give a more tropical feel to a space, the leaves are thin and long draping into a fountain shape almost, perfect to place next to couches for a canopy of greens.

Connecting nature to the indoors has never been so easy, create a green nature inspired space effortlessly. 

These are just a couple of our plants and trees, browse through our large collection of high quality artificial trees and plants today.

Artificial Trees UK - Large Faux Trees by Artificial Green

Artificial House Plants - Realistic Faux Plants – Artificial Green



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