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The Best Interiors Blogs

Posted by Artificial Green on

I'm all about plants, but I'm a self confessed interiors obsessive too. I admit I can lose a whole evening reading through interior design blogs looking for inspiration! 

There are some fantastic bloggers out there who really know their stuff so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite blogs that have great articles with inspirational imagery on decorating with plants:

Apartment Therapy - Indoor plant decorating: I love this article by Dabney Frake from August last year about how plants should be used like artwork and furniture in your home. There are some lovely images too for ideas on styling with plants.

Brit + Co - 25 Unexpected ways to decorate with plants by Kate Thorn. Brit + Co is a fab lifestyle blog with plenty of interiors, fashion and foodie inspiration and I found this great article on how to use plants in the home to add colour, texture and good energy, with imagery and advice on where to place plants around your home. I particularly like the ideas for the fab plant wall art!

Decor Envy - By Lucy Meek is stylish blog full of ideas for design enthusiasts. Decor Envy is one of my particular faves! It's basically full of images that I wan't my home to look like so the name itself (decor envy) is perfectly apt. This blog is incredibly cool and has some beautiful images of amazing homes. 

Decor8 - Inspired by plants. Decor8 is a gorgeous blog written by author and interior stylist Holly Becker. Holly has some brilliant ideas when it comes to interior design and I just love the stunning images she posts with her articles. I found this article full of beautiful images using plants as decoration which I thought would be worth recommending.

Plant Styling image credit: Brittany Purlee

So there you go. Take a look at these lovely interior design blogs for some ideas on styling with plants, but be warned, they can be quite addictive! 


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